Wednesday, June 6, 2012

MN(Miconazole Nitrate) Growth Update (PICS)

As you all know my current growth aid of choice is a Miconazole Nitrate mix. 
(Read original post and update HERE)
I'm out of my sew in a lot earlier than I expected, while I had it installed I applied my MN mix every night. I was convinced I hadn't had any growth so out of curiosity I decided to do a length check......and I did........... I was all like .....

My mouth flew open because as I said before, I was almost certain I hadn't received any noticeable amount of growth, guess I was wrong. I surpassed my "September" goal which I'm excited about.
Well, that's all I just wanted to give a brief update and share my progress thus far....thanks for reading.

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Anonymous said...


Sarah Mbe said...

Please, I live in France where can I buy MN cream online or not. I like your hair. I want to try MN cream.
Peace and Love

WhipMyyHair said...

Hi Sarah, any pharmacy and some super markets have it in the "feminine" section where you would find other person items. HTH :)

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