Tuesday, June 5, 2012

WMH Help Guide (a must read!)

I thought I'd make a navigation/ get started guide for those unfamiliar with the blog and all of it's features. It has many features which allows you to interact and be apart of the site. There's a chatroom/forum, a monthly newletter, and much more.Below is a screen shot each section I will be giving you a "tour" of is numbered.

1.The FOLLOW Button
This button allows you to follow our blog. The perks? New posts will be conveniently displayed on your blogger dashboard along with other sites you've "followed". You can follow publicly or privately.

2. The Community Section
IMO it's the greatest part of this site. This section allows you to interact with other readers, ask questions, answer questions, start "challenges", give reviews, share your experiences, request tutorials, and much more. It can be used the same way a forum is. You can sign in as a guest with a screen name, or with your facebook and twitter name. You can also remain anonymous. On Wednesdays at 8pm (Eastern Time) we will also have a "full" site chat/ discussion on a topic.  If you would like to continue reading the site AND chatting scroll down and on the side bar (picture below) there is a mini chat widget. You can read the blog and still interact.
3. The Navigation Bar
Makes visiting our blog and finding information a BREEZE. (The search bar is also very helpful)Every post is categorized and is under the "related tab". Each tab drops down into multiple sections just put your mouse over the section you wish to visit or expand.If you are new to your hair growth journey the "Educate" tab is a great place to start out. The "Our Hair" tab are posts related to our hair (Kara & Misha's hair) it includes length checks and our regimen.The FAQ tab is where all "Frequently Asked Questions" are posted. We pick one that is sent to us via the chatroom or email (whipmyyhair@gmail.com) and answer it. The Contest tab has information, and updates about any current, upcoming, or past contests and GIVE AWAYS we've had. Check that tab OFTEN. The rest is pretty self explanatory. 

 Recommended Reads:
 Glossary   <<Common terms you'll see used here.
Regimen Building 101 << In depth and very helpful! 
Hair Length Chart << Commonly used terms for each length.
Healthy Hair 101  << The baiscs

If you ever need to refer to this page again it will be made a "permanent" tab under EDUCATE.
Also if you haven't already sign up for our Monthly Newsletter to stay updated with the latest posts, give a ways, tutorial, and much more!


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