Hair Myths

Here are some of the biggest myths about ethnic (Black) Hair ......................................
Black hair can't grow & it grows slower than other races.
ALL hair no matter what ethnicity grows at an average of .5 inches per month

Washing your hair too often will dry it out.
Our hair needs moisture and that is exactly what water is. Water is NOT bad for your hair. 

You have to "grease" your hair.
Grease serves no purpose because it contains, Mineral oil (like 85% of hair products marketed to blacks). Mineral oil coats but does not penetrate your hair shaft which clogs pores and slows hair growth.

Relaxers aren't "Permanent"
The word "Perm" comes from permanent. Many people think relaxers are not permanent. When getting a "touch up" they apply the relaxer to the entire head which leads to thin, unhealthy, over processed hair. Once your hair is relaxed you should only apply the relaxer to the virgin hair (New Growth)

☒Braids & Weave MAKE your hair grow
They don't make 
your hair grow but they are great protective styles to use while growing your hair out. You can not put a weave in and expect your hair to magically grow. You have to
take care of your hair while it's weaved up.

If you don't keep your relaxers up your hair will break
If you care for your hair properly your hair will not suffer from breakage. Stretching your relaxers is actually good for your hair. It helps prevent overlapping.

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