The Basics

The "Professional" order of applying make up.
The keyword was "professional". To me applying make up is an art form so there is more than one way to doing so. 

Powder foundation is best for oily skin because it helps reduce shine.

Vaseline and baby lotion is good for removing eye make up, put it over your eye shadow and wipe it off with a clothe. 

Don't pull on your eye when applying eye liner, this will cause premature wrinkles.

Foundation should match your face and neck so do not go to the store and try it on your hand or arm.

Always use a lighter color on your brow bone to "Highlight".

Out of all make up mascara has the shortest shelf life. After 4 months it should be discarded. To extend the shelf life don't pump the wand in and out. This causes this to dry out and also allows bacteria to enter.

Always use good lighting and a clean mirror.

ALWAYS use an oil free make up so it doesn't clog your pores. 

Do not sleep in your make up, a lot of people do but I am strongly against it.

 If you use make up regularly you need to first use a make up remover then a facial wash. Exfoliating the skin also helps clean the clogged pores.

Soft pastel colors seem to appear softer on the eyes and darker colors appear more dramatic.

I do not use lip stick I use eyeshadow, yes eyeshadow. To me it works better and stays on longer. (I'll do a video tutorial)

ALWAYS use primer to ensure long lasting make-up and no smudging.

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