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First off let me say weaves do not pull your hair our or make your hair grow. Those are two of the biggest rumors in circulation. Any who get your pencil and notebooks out it's time for a crash course on WEAVE.

When it comes to BSS hair there are too many textures to name (Spanish Curl, Romance Curl, Jerri Curl, Etc. Etc.) So I'm going to cut all that and go straight to "higher quality" hair types.


                    Virgin Brazillian Remy-

Virgin Chinese Hair Remy-   
Resembles the relaxed AA hair texture. It's more "coarse" and not as silky as Indian. This is a good choice if you plan on leaving some of your hair out.

                   VIRGIN INDIAN REMY-
Is very silky and versatile. In it's natural state it is "wavy". It is less coarse than CV hair and holds a curl better.

What kind to get is personal preference it's VIRGIN.

TIP: Just because hair at the Beauty Supply says it's remy doesn't mean it's the best. Remy means the hair cuticle is still intact. It can be processed or unproessed.(Unprocessed aka Virgin hair is better because it hasn't been chemically altered.) Single drawn means the hair strands are different lengths. Double drawn hair is all the same length.

II. BSS Hair Vs. Vendor Hair
Most BSS hair is YAKI. Even if it's remy it's still processed.You will not find any virgin hair at a BSS. If it says Indian Remy it's processed Chinese hair, don't buy it. Almost every pack of hair in the store that reads "100 %" human hair still contains synthetic plastic fibers. Yaki hair is chemically altered to mimic relaxed hair. Other BSS is chemically altered to achieve a specific look and curl pattern. Many think that buying "Vendor" hair is too expensive but if you add up how much you pay for a cheap weave that lasts 3 weeks it will equal the amount of what a respectable long lasting weave costs that will last through numerous installs.Remember at the end of the day the BSS workers are still sales people trying to push their product.

Me with BSS YAKI HUMAN HAIR when it first got done.
1.5 Months Later BUT I take good care of my weaves. I also snip the ends once they start looking ratchet.
I'm not going to say to completely out cancel bss hair.If you are short on time or money you purchasing hair from the BSS isn't that bad but, the life span will not be that long, no matter what they tell you. In the beginning yes, it will look nice but it will most likely begin to mat, shed, and tangle. It'll all look the same weather you bought the Harlem 125 or you were talked into getting some $60 Yaki Hair. By week 3 it's going to get messy.
 The BEST BSS hair to purchase is:
Milky Way Saga Gold
Bobbi Boss
Outre Velvet
Model Model

Ok, now what about "Vendor" hair?
Vendors have higher quality virgin AND yaki hair.Don't assume just because hair is being sold online and it being called VIRGIN hair that is really is. If you have your eye on a specific vendor please look for reviews and youtube videos to make sure it's a reputable company. Some well known Vendors are:
Silkbase Closures
Extensions Plus
Haley's Curls
Senghori Shells
there are a number of OVER sea vendors on
I will give a crash course on that at another time because that is a lesson all in it's self. You have to be very careful. These brands are on the pricey side but well worth it.


Quick Weave- 

a quick weave is when you put a cap over your hair and glue your extensions to it.

Full Sew In- 

A Full sew in is when none of your hair is left out. If you desire a "scalp" you can get a silk closure or a lace closure.

  Partial Sew In- 

The amount of hair you desire is left out, most of the time it's just the front for a more natural look. However, you must blend your hair with the weave.

Invisible Part- 
An invisible part weave is a full sew in.The tracks are laid or glued in the front a certain way to create a "realistic" part with out leaving any of your hair out.
Fuision (microlinking)-
Fusion is a very pricey extension method. But, it is the most versatile and natural looking. The extensions are placed strand by strand directly at the roots and can take up to 16 hours to install.
           Full Sew In W/ Silk Closure
A closure is an alternative to leaving hair out. You do not have to worry about blending your own hair to match the texture of your weave. It also appears as if the hair is growing out of your "scalp".
A silk closure is more so for a sew in while a lace closure is meant to be bonded.
A lace closure requires some "work" (ie. bleaching the knots) to make it appear natural but silk closures have a natural, not griddy appearance already. Silk closures require less maintenance. They start at around $100.


Lace Closure (She didn't bleach the knots)
A normal closure doesn't have a "scalp" and is a circle. You can find these at the BSS for $5.

Using a net underneath of your sew in weave allows a flatter and more secure install.It is also less stress on your own hair.

Sealing your wefts and closure extends the life span. It reduces shedding. You can do this with "Fray Block" or accylric sealer. You can find these at craft stores like
JoAnne Fabrics or Micheal's. 

Invest in an applicator bottle. It will save your life. Put your moisturizer in one and your oil in the other. It makes it easier to get in between your tracks. I also use an applicator bottle to wash my hair underneath of my sew in. I use diluted shampoo. Taking care of your hair underneath is just as important.



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