Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Length Vs Health

We've all seen it before, that girl with long MBL/BSL hair but her ends are split and see through all the way up to her neck. Long hair does not mean healthy hair. In the first year of your hair journey you'll be focused on length and meeting your goals (guilty) but, in the second year length doesn't matter much to me. I care more about thickness and health. I believe long damaged hair comes from people wanting to wear their hair down more frequently since it's grown longer which results in using more heat, which then leads to damage. They're afraid to cut those 3-4 inches off in fear of losing length but if it looks scraggly, why hang on to them? If I could chose between thickness and length, I'd chose thickness everyday again and again. It's hair,  if you have a regimen and take care of your hair trust and believe it will grow back, better than before. It was 3 am the other morning and I had the strongest urge to cut my hair, I don't like the way my relaxed ends look, and I'm just not feeling the colored portions of my hair. But, I decided I'm not really focused on length right now, more so on health so although I've been transitioning since last January I plan on starting with fresh natural hair. Meaning, even though most of my hair is now natural I plan on cutting that as well. My new plan is to cut an inch off every 2 months so I can break even and have a new start. My natural hair isn't damaged and neither are my relaxed ends, I'm just really not feeling it.  But ladies, please don't gain length and fall off of our regimen, it's WORSE when your hair is long and damaged. Castor oil is great for thickening up hair as well, you can purchase this at Walmart or Walgreens or you can order Jamaican Black Castor oil online which in my opinion works better but,with that being said HAPPY HAIR GROWING!


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