Friday, March 16, 2012

Join the Official 2012 Hair Growth Challenge

We're proud to announce to our readers that we are officially starting a 2012 hair growth challenge for members of the WMH community. Well excuse me, let me correct myself a Healthy Hair Growth Challenge. To join the challenge all you have to do is email your starting picture here ( with the word "Join" by March 30th.Along with your "goal" length.No, you don't have to use your real name either or show your face. When you set out to accomplish something with a group of people you stay more focused. The person with the most progress health and length wise will get a special prize but, that isn't the purpose of this challenge. I want you girls (oh and guys) to be able to take the information you gain from this site and put it to use so you can WHIP YOUR HAIR.For those of you with long hair already this challenge could be to "retain" that length. Post regimen and view starting photos HERE.

-A hair care regimen (if you need help let us know)
-a starting picture

A few things that help out GREATLY.

- A plastic cap or baggy. This is called the Green house effect or baggying method. 

**baggying is spraying your hair with a moisturizer at night sealing, then putting the plastic cap on and a scarf of some sort on over it*

-starting with trimmed ends
-scalp massages
-Co-washing (V05 moisture milks conditioner)
-Castor Oil

For further help, recipes, and tips to maximize your growth during the challenge check out the hair growth section. :) Happy growing! Comment below if you're in and YES you can remain anonymous. 


Jt_Shawtii said...

In just sent my starting pic, goal is full shoulder length

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