Friday, May 18, 2012

Misha's Hair Update/ NEW REGIMEN W/ PICS

I've changed my regimen so I thought I'd fill you in as well as give you an update about my hair in general.I got a full sew in last week for my protective style with a silk base closure. Before I got the install I did a hard protein treatment and deep conditioned over night. This was the first weave I've had since January. I've found since my hair has grown it's harder to keep it off my shoulders. My WNG's hang and I'm always paranoid about retention. The last week before I got my sew in I was wearing gala with my hair braided underneath ( see review Here). I figured I'd wear it like that to cut out the tangling because it was ridiculous. I'm still in search of a good detangler because the knots are kind of outrageous. But, I was practicing low manipulation, only actually "combing" it once a week on wash days the rest of the week finger combing. My regimen has changed and I've updated it ( HERE).I came to a realization that my deep conditioner didn't work and I asked myself why I was still using it, and stopped. I found it was more protein based and it was throwing my balance off. Now I've been using SUAVE professionals almond and shea butter conditioner as my deep conditioner, it's cheap and it does the job surprisingly better than expensive ones MEANT for deep conditioning.  
I've currently been using a homemade MN (Miconazole Nitrate) mix which has been working great. Hopefully since I'll be weaved up all summer I'll retain 100% of the growth. My moisturizer of choice has been CANTU SHEA BUTTER LEAVE IN CONDITIONER, I've been sealing with EVOO and castor oil every other night.
Banded and blow dried hair(left) keep in mind the roots aren't straight. My August goal was originally my  January goal, looks like I'll be maker it way sooner than January :)
I don't have any updated length shots aside from the ones I took in February and my MN ones because I never really use heat. I did try banding , ( which I really like).I blow dried it last month but these shots aren't really showing length, just thickness because the roots are not straight. I don't plan on getting my hair straightened until the end of August or beginning of September.When this MN mix is gone I'll be switching up using my Sulfur Mix. I like to rotate my growth aides every 3 months. If my calculations are correct I should be grazing BSL by then, that's if I don't let someone (CUT whoops I mean trim my hair, would of been there a long time ago -_-) In February my hair was back to length it was in September before it got "trimmed/ cut". Don't you just hate setbacks? I plan on keeping my sew in for 8 weeks then after that, I'll be letting it rest two weeks and weaving it back up again, I'll take pictures of my hair after the take down though. I'm needing some color in my life I'm thinking of dying my real hair bright red and jet black when the summer is over, hmmm...well, that's it for now HHJ.


I moisturize every night.
I seal every other night alternating between olive oil and a castor oil mix
I baggy about once a week (when I'm not wearing a weave)
I use my mn mix every other night.

Co-Washing has been eliminated for the time being, it's too much manipulation and tangling, I may resume when it gets warmer.
Bi Weekly- 
I detangle with OILS.
I wash my hair with CREME OF NATURE kiwi & citrus moisturizing shampoo.
I condition first with GARLIC conditioner.
DEEP condition with Suave Almond and Shea Butter Conditioner & Olive oil 
Detangle with Neutrogena Triple Moisture Mask.
I use Cantu Shea Butter & Chi Keratin Mist as my leave in conditioner.

MONTHLY- Every 6-8 weeks I do a protein treatment using either APOHGEE or one raw egg mixed with conditioner. Since I'm using growth aids I clarify 1-2x a month with ORS creamy aloe neutralizing shampoo.

I drink water daily.
Scalp massages 



Ken said...

Wow! There's really a good effect in your hair.. I would love to buy this product and thanks for sharing it.

salon cincinnati

Whipmyyhair Misha said...

Your welcome, and yes you should try it you'd be surprised how good it works for the price. HHG

Sierra said...

:0 Jealous at your growth rate!

Anonymous said...

Hi what does ur miconazole nitrate mix consist of?

Whipmyyhair Misha said...

Cantu Shea Butter Leave in Conditioner, but a lot of ladies use Sulfur 8

Anonymous said...

Hi,i just started 2 days ago using Mn and sulfur in my hair regimen,please can you tell me how often did you wash your hair?thanks

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