Monday, January 30, 2012

No Lye Vs Lye

No lye aka box kit relaxers vs lye relaxers. Most "lye" relaxers are not sold in normal stores (excluding BSS). It usually has "for professional use only" on the container. Lye relaxers do not have to be mixed up and are ready to use.Now the question is what is the difference?

-are easier on the scalp but much more harsh on the hair.
- also get hair "bone" straight to whereas a no lye relaxer will not.
- has a lower pH level 
-leaves deposits left behind on hair and causes breakage. 
because mineral deposits make it harder for hair to absorb the moisture it needs. 
Contrary to belief a box relaxer is only good 24hrs after it is mixed!

-is better for your hair but worse for your scalp.
-you're hair won't get as straight with a no-lye
-has a higher pH level
-does not leave behind deposit.
-lift & swell cuticle to straighten

These are the differences in the end it's all personal choice.I think what matters most is what you do with your hair following your relaxer.


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