Tuesday, February 14, 2012

SILKBASE Closure Review

This was my very first closure. After reading up about closures I was hesitant because a lot of ladies complained theirs "bladed". I looked around at several different sites for hair, (indique, wagmans, etc.) The thing that caught my eye about Silkbase Closures was that they had a "bundle" package.  To me this is more convient than buying a closure and having to match with hair. They had virgin malayaisan, indian remy, Brazilian, and Chinese hair as well. I went with the virgin indian remy "natural" wave. I got 4oz of 18 inch and 4oz of 20 inch as well as the closure for $359. Although the hair was more like a 16inch, yes even when I straightened it (it straightens very well). I have to say the money was well spent. I wore it for roughly 2 months and it's still in excellent condition and looks new. I had some shedding but it wasn't excessive and keep in mind I did NOT seal the wefts. I did seal my closure though. Their customer service was outstanding! Very easy to get in touch with, they answered all my questions. At some point we even were text messaging. My overall grade is an A (out of an A+ or A-). My only complaint would be the length but that could happen with any company. I defiantly will be purchasing them again in the near future and I DEFIANTLY would recommend them if you were looking for a company QUALITY long lasting extensions and superb customer service!
2011-10-07 22.42.22PRE-INSTALL PICS2011-10-12 07.34.50& FIRST DAY 
2011-10-14 15.07.12Semi-Straightened 2011-10-18 14.13.10Top view of the closure

                                        2011-10-29 18.26.09The last days 2011-11-02 11.58.08After being Washed ( see how the closure has moved back)

2011-11-10 18.43.28Last Day


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